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Small waters


Photo: Kimmo Pöri
Well-managed sites provide splendid fishing experiences. Brown trout exist in many 'plant and fish' lakes. Rautiolampi Pond, Ähtäri. Rainbow trout is the most common game fish on angling ponds. Ellivuori, Sastamala. Lake Syväjärvi, Evo, Hämeenlinna.
Well-managed sites provide splendid fishing experiences.

Angling ponds

Angling ponds are infallible fishing sites and great family destinations, where the game species is usually rainbow trout.

These ponds can be found in different parts of Finland and fishing methods used on them include spinning, angling, ice-fishing, jigging and ‘bait and wait’ angling.

Photo: Kari Taimisto 
Rainbow trout is a typical game species in angling ponds.
Rainbow trout is a typical game species in angling ponds.

Small managed lakes

In addition to small angling ponds, there are also plenty of forest ponds and lakes, so-called ‘plant and fish’ lakes, which are mostly stocked with rainbow trout and brown trout. Fishing on angling ponds and ‘plant and fish’ lakes always requires a local fishing licence.

Photo: Jani Ollikainen 
Lake Kivijärvi, Perniö.
Lake Kivijärvi, Perniö.
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