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Rivers Juutua and Ivalojoki - big brown trout and glimmer of gold


Photo: Jari Tuiskunen
The best place to find big trout on River Juutua is the Alakoski Rapids.

Rivers Juutuanjoki and Ivalojoki, which are emptying their waters into Lake Inarinjärvi, are famous wilderness streams of Northern Finland. There angler has a chanche to meet a big wild brown trout.

River Juutua

If you had to single out one river in Finnish Lapland that provides opportunities to catch really big brown trout, it would definitely be River Juutua, emptying into Lake Inarinjärvi. Measuring 12 kilometres in length and about 30 to 120 metres in width in its rapids stretches, this great stream that has carved its channel through high hills and light pine heaths is the most important spawning river for Lake Inarinjärvi trout. Considering that these Inari spot-flanks can grow to weigh as much as almost ten kilos, your fly may also be snatched by a real whopper in River Juutua.

Photo: Ari Savikko 
Beautiful Juutua brown trout.
Beautiful Juutua brown trout.

The River Juutua fishing area is divided into two licence areas. The length of the lower area located right at the Inari town centre is only about 600 metres, but the odds of catching migrating trout are even better here, especially in the evening and at night. The head of the Alakoski Rapids is a veritable hot spot for trout anglers.

The upper area measures about six kilometres in length and its hot spots are within easy reach from the Inari–Kittilä road running south of the river. The area offers a great set of fascinating sites, ranging from the fast-flowing Ritakoski Rapids to calmer races and slow-flowing pools. Perhaps the most popular fly-fishing site in this licence area is the Haapaniva race located at the lower end of the area, where the primary game species is grayling, which may even be quite large.

Fly-fishing is the only method allowed on River Juutua and, due to its rod quota, it’s a good idea to get a licence in advance.

Photo: Ari Savikko 
River Juutua is a splendid place for fly fishing.
River Juutua is a splendid place for fly fishing.

River Ivalojoki

Flowing through famed gold areas into the southern end of Lake Inarinjärvi, River Ivalojoki is the other important spawning site for Lake Inarinjärvi brown trout. While the river zigzags slowly through long, monotonous stretches in its lower reaches, further upstream it turns into a really attractive wilderness stream, carved in majestic canyons in some places – although its top hot spots can only be accessed by hiking several kilometres.

Photo: Ari Savikko 
Typical scenery on the upper reaches of River Ivalojoki.
Typical scenery on the upper reaches of River Ivalojoki.

Compared with River Juutua, trout found in River Ivalojoki are smaller on average, but even over five-kilo whoppers are also caught here every once in a while. The most reliable places to find whoppers are the deepest pits of rapids and races. Non-migratory river trout can also be found here, while the stock of grayling is strong in places, offering opportunities to catch over 40-cm specimens.

Metsähallitus sells licences for the river in quotas, so it’s a good idea to get one in good time. The only fishing method allowed in the area between the Ritakoski and Hammaskoski Rapids is fly-fishing, while spinning is also allowed elsewhere.

Photo: Ari Savikko 
Grayling is a game species on River Ivalojoki.
Grayling is a game species on River Ivalojoki.
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Length:180 km
Game species
Brown trout

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