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Yellow burbot – a wonder of fish world

A new inhabitant of aquariumhouse Maretarium in Kotka is a real rarity. The white-yellow burbot that was caught on Ahvenkoskenlahti Bay on Gulf of Finland, is probably only one of its kind worldwide in the whole distribution area of burbot.

According to Sari Saikkonen, the managing director of Kotka Maretarium, the yellow-white burbot is not an albino because its eyes are dark instead of red – which would be typical for an albino. The colour of the burbot is arguably some kind of genetic mistake. Wonder burbot, that is swimming now in the isolation pool of aquarium, is almost 60 cm long and weighs about 1 kilo. Visitors of Maretarium can see the rarity.

Kymen Sanomat. See the photo.


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