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Lake Peurajärvi


Photo: Metsähallitus

The fishing waters of Peurajärvi are situated on the border of Nurmes and Sotkamo in Eastern Finland. There you can experience being in the middle of the wilderness while still being within reach of many useful services for hiking anglers. This is an ideal fishing destination for the entire family. The lakes and ponds of the area are mainly surrounded by dry woods without much undergrowth. The network of marked trails is easy to navigate.

Depth chart (zoom in to view depths).

The area also has camping sites for RVs and caravans right by the water. Anglers looking to set up their tents will also find many suitable spots in the area. Staying a night is free, but there is no electricity available for campers (only cottages have electricity). Trash cans and dry toilets are available at several locations and there are a few wells for drinking water.

Photo: Metsähallitus 

There are cottages on the shore of Peurajärvi that may be rented from Metsähallitus. The Peurajärvi area is accessed via a 30 kilometre stretch of dirt road. There might be blind spots in mobile phone coverage.

The three most significant destinations in the Peurajärvi fishing area are the Lakes Peurajärvi, Mäntyjärvi and Iso-Valkeinen. The water of these lakes is clear or slightly brownish. No plantings are conducted in Peurajärvi or Mäntyjärvi. In these two lakes fishing is focused on pike, pikeperch and perch. Mäntyjärvi is considered a good pikeperch lake where you can get a bountiful catch either by jigging or trolling. There are no rental boats at Mäntyjärvi, but anglers are free to use their own.

Photo: Metsähallitus 

Perch is available in abundance at all locations and they make the easiest catches. The best way to catch a bunch of perch is to use a simple fishing pole with a live earthworm as bait.

Plantings of catch-size rainbow trout are conducted in Lake Iso-Valkeinen. The best ways of catching rainbow trout are rowboat trolling and using simple hook & line rigs. Choose small plugs, spoons or flies as your lures.

There are five rowboats to rent at Iso-Valkeinen. Around the lake you can also find several campfire sites and BBQ huts (kota) where you can get a fire going even if the weather is a bit wet or windy.

Photo: Metsähallitus 
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