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Evo Nature


Evo Nature
Syväjärventie 127
FI-16900 LAMMI
Tel.: +358 404173627
Fishing methods: angling, fly-fishing, ice-fishing, jigging, spinning, trolling
Game species: brown trout, perch, pike, rainbow trout

Own lake for fishing, really? Yes, really!

Rent for your group a six hectares lake Syväjärvi, ”Deep Lake”, for your private use and catch our rainbow trouts at no extra cost! They are hiding under the deep, dark water of Syväjärvi, waiting for your bait…
In case you are no fishing enthusiast, just come and feel the peace and silence. You will be astonished.

Syväjärvi is special because of the planted rainbow trout, which we plant approximately 2500 kg per year. Chances of getting fish are much better than on the normal lakes. Most typical catch is approximately 1 kg rainbow trout, but also other fish species might be hidden in the dark water of The Deep Lake... During spring, summer and autumn fish from the rowing boats or simply from the easy shores of Syväjärvi, and during the winter come and test ice fishing!

Fishing at Syväjärvi is easy even for any beginner, but also a more advanced fisher enjoys fooling the rainbow trout. Syväjärvi is so compact that your group is easily managed as the people can see and hear each other while fishing on the shore or from the rowing boats. We have six rowing boats ready waiting for you. Simply jump into to the boat or fish from the shore.
Fishing or nature holiday, enjoy the peace and silence.

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